Dressing up with The MERL

Recreate a rural scene at home!

Black and white photograph of man having his haircut, by another man, in a farmyard, with a cow looking over a door behind

Maybe you’ve already scrolled through endless hilarious / scarily accurate recreations of famous masterpieces from the world’s greatest galleries, or even had a go yourself? The MERL has a wonderful collection of paintings too, but they mostly feature oversized farm animals which might prove hard to recreate (unless you’re Adam Henson). So we thought we’d turn to our incredible photographic archive of over one million images, select a few of our favourite rural snaps, and set you the challenge of recreating them at home!

Find some pictures to inspire you on this thread on twitter, this post on Facebook, or this post on instagram

Share your recreations with us using the hashtag #RecreateTheMERL We look forward to seeing them!