Put simply, people who volunteer are very important to us.

We enjoy working with volunteers and have done so for many years. Their support is invaluable in making our collections more accessible to others. They do important work, such as in the public eye leading guided tours and supporting museum education sessions. Others work in the back, such as to catalogue archive materials and help preserve our collections.

People volunteer with us for a number of reasons. Some do it to gain experience for a job in museums, while others simply want the chance to explore their hobby or interest in history. Whatever the reason, volunteers make a huge contribution towards our work and enable more people to use and enjoy our collections.

Our volunteers come from a wide range of backgrounds and ages. While many are students we also have many retirees, those out of employment and everyone in between. If you join us here at the Museum you will be sure of making new friends and broadening your horizons!

Investing in volunteers

We are delighted to have achieved the 2016 ‘Investing in Volunteers’ accreditation, the UK quality standard for good practice in volunteer management. Achieving this accreditation demonstrates our commitment to volunteering and effective volunteer management, and shows how much we value and support our volunteers at the museum.

Keep up to date

Follow what our volunteers are up to on our Twitter account, @UniRdg_MusVols. We also contribute to the MERL blog.