Pictures of the month #7 – Floods in Berkshire

Photographic Assistant, Caroline Benson has selected 2 particularly topical images from our collections this month…

P DX355_66

The subject of this month’s photographs will seem all too familiar to many people living by the Thames. They show the floods of November 1895 in the riverside village of Pangbourne in Berkshire. Small boats & punts can be seen transporting people along the streets & walkways constructed from wooden planks are used as pavements. The photographs are from the Sulham House Collection of some two hundred and forty prints showing life in and around Sulham between the 1880s & 1920s.

P DX355_67

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  1. Hi,

    I would like to use this photo for a project I am working on. I aim to use it as a one of print and would like to know who the rights belong to?

    Can you help?


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