Land Use: Town and Country

Onsite: £100 (1.5 hour session)


This session has been designed to support the Key Stage 2 geography curriculum and explores what The MERL collections tell us about settlement and land use. Pupils have the opportunity to develop their geographical questioning and vocabulary in response to our object and archive collections and then follow that with an exciting exploration and practical fieldwork session in The MERL garden to develop skills to observe, measure, record and present features through colour and sound.

“Lots of engaging group work. Well paced and lots of chances for exploration with their senses. We had the best time!” Teacher feedback

“Very engaging activities – children were engaged and interested at all times. Really helpful for map skills” Teacher feedback


  • Key Stage 2
  • Opportunities to develop questioning and vocabulary
  • Explore the different ways that land has been used through investigation of objects and archives from different periods
  • Opportunities to develop fieldwork and mapping skills



  • Human geography including types of settlement and land use


  • Introduces students to The Museum of English Rural Life and our collections
  • Enables students to apply and develop their geographical vocabulary
  • Students to undertake fieldwork in The MERL garden to develop their mapping skills


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