What industries have put Reading on the map?


Reading is best known for the ‘3Bs’ – biscuits, beer and bulbs. Your class has the opportunity to make a timeline, discovering how Reading has been shaped by these and other industries over the years.

The museum showcases many objects and artefacts related to local industries; many of which relied on the countryside and rural communities for raw materials used in the manufacture of their products.

Themes and topics:

  • A local history study

Suggested age range:

Upper primary and lower secondary

Links with other activities: 

This activity could also be used in conjunction with the ‘What was farming like before modern technology’ and ‘Making and manufacturing’ resources.

Learning outcomes:

By the end of this activity students will:

  • be more aware of some of the industries that put Reading on the map and the town’s relationship with rural areas
  • be able to discuss when Reading’s industries first arrived in the town by producing a timeline that outlines key dates ready to take to the museum to find out more.