Wells, Harry (handle maker)

Date: 1910-1950Extent: 104 objects
mallet used by Harry Wells, handle maker
Mallet. MERL 60/231

Harry J. Wells was a handle maker from Heatherdene, Bucklebury, Berkshire. His workshop was on Bucklebury Common where he worked for forty years until he retired in 1950. Bucklebury Common was a great centre of woodland crafts. There were bowl-turners, rake-makers, beesom-makers and many others who used the timber grown on the common to make a great variety of products for farm and household use. Wells made stable fork handles, wooden rakes, scythe handles, tar mop handles, mattock handles and hoe handles.

The collection consists of tools and equipment used by Harry Wells. The archive also contains photographs by Cecil F. Snow of an interior view and several exterior views of Mr Well’s workshop.

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