Road Locomotive Society

Reference: TR RLS; TR 2RLS; TR 3RLSDate: 1854-1919 (approx.)Extent: unknown
Founded in 1937, the Society’s objectives are: The enhancement of education and research into the past history of all types of self-propelling steam engines (other than those running on rails) and those types of stationary steam engines known as portable engines, the results of such research shall be made available through the Society Journal and other publications.

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Full descriptions are available on our online database: TR RLS, TR 2RLS and TR 3RLS

Download full handlists at the following links: TR RLS, TR 2RLS and TR 3RLS

The Road Locomotive Society have deposited several collections of material. The catalogues for this material can be accessed through the various links below:

  • TR 2STG Stebbing Collection (with a link to TR STG?)
  • TR BLL Blanch (British) Lely Ltd.
  • TR DX1558 John Fowler & Co Ltd.
  • TR DX1597 Engineering drawings from various companies including Dodman, Aveling and Porter
  • TR DX1600 William Allchin Ltd
  • TR DX1679 Agricultural Engineering Trades Catalogues and Leaflets 1881-1906
  • TR DX1760 Case Steel Built Threshing Machines
  • TR DX1939 Illustrated Catalogue (1854) Arthur Wallis
  • TR DX DX2109 Drawings of engines manufactured by Charles Burrell & Sons Ltd, 13 drawings (currently not catalogued)

You can access The Road Locomotive Society’s website here.

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