National Traction Owners’ & Users’ Association

Reference: TR NTE; TR 2NTE; TR 3NTE; TR 4NTE; TR 5NTE and TR 6NTE.Date: 1835 – 1960sExtent: 431 documents

The collection contains accounts and administrative records covering the period 1835 to the 1960’s.

The Association has been known by the following names:

N.T.E.O.U.A. National Traction Engine Owners and Users Association
N.T.E.T.A. National Traction Engine and Tractor Association
T.M.O.A. Thrashing Machine Owners Association
S.C.D.A. Steam Cultivation Development Association

More information

A full description of each deposit is available on our online database: TR NTE, TR 2NTE, TR 3NTE, TR 4NTE, TR 5NTE and TR 6NTE.

Full handlists for each deposits can be found at the following links: TR NTE, TR 2NTE, TR 3NTE, TR 4NTE, TR 5NTE and TR 6NTE.

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