National Federation of Village Produce Associations

Reference: SR NFVPADate: 1942-1985Extent: 3 linear metres
Village Produce Associations (VPA) originated in the Second World War. They were introduced to boost food production as part of the Dig for Victory Campaign. Associations were set up countrywide and were cooperatives for gardening and livestock keeping, enabling members to take advantage of bulk buying through the Association. There were 1 600 VPA’s by 1948, with 100 000 members. Although they were supposed to be a temporary wartime measure they survived beyond its end. In 1952 the National Federation was formed, lasting until 1985 despite moves to encourage them to merge with the National Allotments and Garden Society (NAGS). Many VPA’s still exist (as of 2005).

The archive contain minutes, administrative papers, financial records, publications, newspaper cuttings, photographs and social and personal material.

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