Horticultural Education Association

Reference: SR MS1096, SR 2MS1096, SR 3MS1096Date: 1905-1988Extent: unknown

The Horticultural Education Association (HEA) was formed in 1905, by county horticultural advisors. The HEA became part of the Institute of Horticulture in 1984.

Consists of:

  • Minutes of Annual General Meetings 1931-1942
  • Minutes of council meetings 1936-1962
  • Reports of Annual General Meetings 1925-1931
  • Reports of conferences and papers read 1919-1925
  • Correspondence relating to the early history of the Association 1915-1944
  • Correspondence, rules, lists of members, memoranda 1913-1954
  • Minutes 1908-1924
  • Correspondence and reports of meetings 1915-1928
  • Biographical note on W B Little c1960
  • Newsletter 1965-1968
  • Correspondence relating to meetings held at Long Ashton and to the Spring conference, Channel Islands conference 1922-1962
  • Papers relating to the craftsmanship course, Pershore Institute of Horticulture 1960
  • Correspondence relating to an article by A D Turner on Strawberry growing in the Cheddar area 1962-1963
  • Insurance 1936-1940
  • Correspondence relating to investments 1950-1962
  • Correspondence and other papers relating to membership 1961
  • Correspondence relating to accounts 1950-1962
  • Printed reports and proceedings 1943-1953
  • Other books and papers printed by the Association 1911-1964

The collection is split across three deposits of material.

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