University of Reading, Department of Food Science

Date: 1880s-1980sExtent: 88 objects
metal cheese press from Department of Food Science
Cheese press. MERL 87/32

The ‘Department of Dairying’ at the University of Reading has a long history. The name of the department has changed several times over the years, as has its location. It began as the British Dairy Institute in 1888, and was based in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, until 1908. It later became the Department of Dairying and was based at the Shinfield Estate in Reading, which was purchased by the University in 1921. In 1982 it became the Dairy Unit of the Department of Food Sciences on the Whiteknights Campus in Reading.

The collection consists of dairying equipment for processing milk and making cheese, used in teaching. The objects come from the early years of the department at Aylesbury through to donations in the 1980s.

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