Bushell Brothers (boat builders)

Date: 1875-1950sExtent: 310 objects
box of drill bits in Bushell Brothers boat builders collection
Box of drill bits. MERL 63/388/1-12

The Bushell Brothers, Charlie and Joseph, ran a canal boat building and repair business at Gannel in New Mill, Tring, on the Wendover Arm Canal. The business was founded by their father, Joseph Bushell Senior, in 1875. The company also did general coach-building. The brothers took over its running in 1912, and the business closed in 1952 when they retired.

This collection comprises tools and other objects used at Bushell Brothers, as well as other various old tools that one of the brothers, who was always interested in rural crafts, collected during his retirement. Most of the collection was donated by the daughter of one of the brothers, while other items were donated by a former employee.

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