Barnett, James Nutcombe (sewing machine collector)

Date: 1860-1955Extent: 169 objects
sewing machine in the Barnett collection of sewing machines
Sewing machine. MERL 81/58/1-2

James Nutcombe Barnett was a University of Reading member of staff from 1964 working for the department of cybernetics and engineering. Barnett became interested in the history of sewing machine development and gathered his own collection to illustrate the changes. He bequeathed his collection of sewing machines to the University of Reading.

This collection contains of over 100 sewing machines including early machines mounted in cabinets, simple machines designed for children and heavy-duty industrial machines.

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  • The library holds ‘Sewing machines: a catalogue of the Barnett collection’ by J.N. Barnett
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