Barham, Titus (rural life collector)

Date: 1750s-1930sExtent: 190 objects
Labourer's keg, wooden barrel, from rural life collector Titus Barham collection
Labourer’s keg. MERL 53/267

George Titus Barham (1859-1937) was managing director of the Express Dairy Company. With his wealth he collected many different types of objects from art to agricultural equipment and from kitchen utensils to ethnographic material. Barham had an interest in agriculture and even was a judge at Agricultural Shows around England. On his death he left his mansion, its grounds and the private museum to the Borough of Wembley. The Wembley Corporation then transferred some of the rural and agricultural artefacts to The MERL.

This collection consists of rural and agricultural objects including prints, firearms, household items and judging badges.

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