Our museum was established to record the disappearance of a sustainable rural way of life in order to understand and learn from the past as its mission.

We now renew this as our mission, committing the Museum and its resources to fostering encounters and experiences that change perceptions about the future of the countryside.

We will sustain a link with the skills and cultures of the rural past. These are the basis for debate about global sustainability and the importance of place. Our affective museum experiences will connect people with their personal histories and identities, improving wellbeing and an appreciation of the history and future of food and the countryside.

We strive to be relevant to all people and to the widest range of stakeholders. We will support everyone to engage with our collections, expertise and knowledge; we will offer and deliver opportunities for participation that empower and inspire learning and deepen engagement with today’s environment.

We are pioneering and creative in how we shape the development of the Museum, leading practice in our sector, both nationally and internationally.  How we work in partnership and in being experimental and receptive to new forms of co-creation with all our audiences and users underpins our approach.