Making, Using, Enjoying

This project explores the potential of intangible cultural heritage (ICH) and creative and digital practice to improve research and understanding of The MERL collections and to extend engagement. Selected makers, writers and practitioners have been invited to produce creative responses to the collections.

Georgina Barney and Kate Genever : The Museum of Contemporary Farming

Georgina will be acting as the Curator of the ‘Museum of Contemporary Farming’ and Kate will be the first invited artist to develop a body of artworks and artefacts to be included in the Museum. Together with a public programme, the project will enable The MERL to gather contemporary farming practices and engage with new audiences.

Visit the Museum of Contemporary Farming website
Follow the project on Twitter: @GeorginaAbarney / #MuseumContemporaryFarming

Chip Colquhoun: Stories of the People | Life and Work of the People

Chip will be producing a series of vodcasts based on folk tales. Two of these will involve an apprentice learning some basic skills from a master to explore more deeply some of the rural practices discussed in the folk tales. The vodcasts will be screened online, with some of the episodes involving interactive elements.

Felicity Ford

Felicity will be running workshops and producing a podcast series which draws together the processes of storytelling, listening and making. She will combine field recordings and specially chosen yarns, using the practices of listening and knitting to create a rich contextual framework through which to contemplate objects held by The MERL and their relationship to the current global textile industry.

Alexandra Harris

Alexandra will be writing a story set in Sussex which reimagines a past for items in The MERL’s collections.

Melissa Harrison

Melissa has written three poems based on items in the H.J. Massingham and Dorothy Hartley collections.

Teresa Murjas: i, sheep

Teresa will be making a film directed by and starring a team of sheep, edited with human assistance.

Making, Using and Enjoying is funded by the Arts Council England (ACE) Designation Development Fund. Find out more about the project.

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